The Unofficial X-Wing Galactic Campaign (UXGC) provides a way for players around the world to strategize and propel their favorite faction to victory, fighting system by system to control or liberate the galaxy. It all starts with the campaign map...

Joining the campaign is easy. Whenever you play a 100pt dogfight between Imperials and Rebels with the X-Wing Miniatures Game, the players choose a system to fight over. Refer to the main area of the campaign map. Each hex represents a system.

Players may choose to fight over any unconquered system (conquered systems will feature a Star Destroyer or Corellian Corvette to indicate its controller). If the players canít agree which system to fight for, flip a coin. The winner of the coin-toss chooses the system.

When a winner has been determined, the players fill out the Report Form and submit the battle results for the public record. Players may submit battle reports in any of the UXGC forum threads around the internet, or by email.

There is no limit to the number of battle reports a player may submit, but duplicates and incomplete forms will be disregarded. If for any reason a battle report is submitted for a system that has already been conquered, the result will be applied to a randomly selected system instead.

The campaign proceeds in phases, with each phase lasting about two weeks. Results will be tallied at the end of each phase. The map will be updated and a war report will be issued at that time, describing the important events of the previous phase.

A faction needs x net wins in a system to gain control of it, where x is the system's strategic value (1 to 3). Example: In the Vinsoth system, if the Imperials have 6 wins and the Rebels have 2 wins, this counts as 4 net wins for the Imperials. Vinsoth's strategic value is 3, so the Imperialsí 4 net wins is more than enough to conquer the system (recieving a Star Destroyer marker).

If a system has been the site of some battles but there is no clear controller, it will feature an orange halo on the campaign map.

When a faction gains a fleet marker in a system (a Star Destroyer or Corellian Corvette) that system is conquered. A conquered system remains under the control of its faction until the end of the current campaign season. Any battle reports submitted for a conquered system will be applied to a random unconquered system instead.

A factionís score is based on the total value of the systems under its control. Each system has a value (from 1 to 3) that indicates its strategic importance.

Additionally, some spacelanes have a value of their own. If a faction controls both of the systems on either end of this spacelane, the spacelaneís value is added to that factionís score.

The first faction to reach a score of 21 wins the campaign.

A factionís score is not locked in until each end-of-phase tally is conducted.

SYSTEM: [Choose one]
WINNER: [Faction name]
DATE PLAYED: [Year-Month-Day]

IMPERIALS: [Player name]
[Imperial squad]

REBELS: [Player name]
[Rebel squad]

[Optionally, you may record details of the battle in this space. Photos and narrative embellishments are welcome.]

Please do not abbreviate card names. Use this format when writing out your squad lists:

Ship + Upgrade + Upgrade

Red Squadron Pilot + R2-D2 + Adv. Proton Torpedoes

Garven Dreis + Ion Cannon Turret

4x Academy Pilot
UXGC battle reports may be emailed to:

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Star Gladiators:
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Death Star Trench Run

Three-Player Variants

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Surgical Strike

Random Scenario Creation

Random Squad Conditions

Variable Squad Creation

Asteroid Variant Rules

Using Mines in Dogfights

Design and Campaign Runner:
Dave Graffam (DagobahDave)

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